Our Story

Argessin LLC was founded by Dr. Rick Neubig. Dr. Neubig is a pharmacologist with over 30 years experience at Harvard, University of Michigan, and Michigan State University. His research group has developed the only known inhibitors of a family of proteins that control the function of G Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs). These Regulators of G protein Signaling or RGS proteins give the name to our company.

RGS proteins reduce the activity of G proteins so they reduce signaling by GPCR agonists. Blocking an RGS protein will increase physiological signaling such as by a neurotransmitter like endogenous opioids or serotonin. RGS inhibitors can also increase the amount of signaling as well as altering the quality of effects of therapeutic GPCR agonists such as adenosine, opioids, etc.

RGS surface

Crystal structure of RGS4 with a fragment of the bound G protein.

Parkinson Disease RGS4 has been implicated as a valuable drug target in Parkinson disease. RGS4 knockout mice have reduced immobility and enhanced function. Consequently, our RGS4 inhibitors would be expected to provide significant benefit in Parkinson-like movement disorders.

Chronic Pain or neuropathic pain is one of the most challenging clinical conditions. Very few therapies are effective in chronic, neuropathic pain. RGS4 is up-regulated in neuropathic pain and inhibition of RGS function can markedly enhance the action of a number of useful anagesic agents such as opioids, adenosine, and alpha2 adrenergic signaling. Unlike direct receptor activation, modulating RGS proteins should not lead to desensitization or tolerance.